class TransparencyMode

Controlling the technique used for transparency in the view.

The transparency mode is set from View::setTransparencyMode().

Public Types

enum Mode

List of available transparency modes.


enumerator AUTO

Automatic transparency.

enumerator DEPTH_PEELING

Depth peeling transparency.


Front depth peeling transparency.


Weighted average transparency.

enumerator SIMPLE

Simple transparency.

Public Functions


Constructs an empty object.

TransparencyMode(const TransparencyMode &other)

Constructs a background object as a copy of other.

TransparencyMode &operator=(const TransparencyMode &rhs)

Assigns rhs to this background and returns a reference to this background.

Mode mode() const

Returns the transparency mode.

unsigned int depthPeelingNumberOfPasses() const

Returns number of depth peeling passes.

Public Static Functions

static TransparencyMode createDepthPeeling(unsigned int numPasses)

Creates depth peeling with numPasses number of passes.

static TransparencyMode createDepthPeelingFront(unsigned int numPasses)

Creates front depth peeling with numPasses number of passes.

static TransparencyMode createWeightedAverage()

Creates weighted average transparency.

static TransparencyMode createSimple()

Creates simple transparency.

static TransparencyMode createAuto()

Creates automatic transparency.