class ColorTableFactory

Factory functions for creating color tables based on a predefined number of color schemes.

These color tables can then be used to configure scalar mappers, which will again be used to setup a color legend (e.g. OverlayColorLegendContinuousDomain).

Public Types

enum ColorTable

The predefined color schemes supported by the color table factory.


enumerator NORMAL

The standard color map for scalar mapping in EnvisionDesktop. Following the color spectra, but starting on blue and ending on red.

enumerator BLACK_WHITE

Black to while color map.

enumerator BLUE_RED

Blue to red color map.

enumerator BLUE_GREEN

Blue to green color map.

enumerator YELLOW_RED

Yellow to red color map.


A map from Green through yellow ending up in red.

enumerator RED_YELLOW

A red to yellow color map.

enumerator THERMAL_1

A map suitable for thermal scalars.

enumerator THERMAL_2

A map suitable for thermal scalars.

enumerator THERMAL_3

A map suitable for thermal scalars.

enumerator METAL_CASTING

A map suitable for metal casting.

Public Static Functions

static std::vector<Color3f> colorTableArray(ColorTable colorTable, size_t colorCount)

Returns an array of colors created from the given color scheme.

The returned array will have colorCount number of values

static std::vector<Color3f> interpolateColorArray(const std::vector<Color3f> &colorArray, size_t targetColorCount)

Interpolates a graded color table with the given number of colors (targetColorCount) based on the input colors (colorArray).

This is useful for creating gradient/continuous style color maps based on two or more colors.