Envision 1.7.0

October 2, 2023 - SHA: 4616aefc

web CEETRON Envision for Web desktop CEETRON Envision for Desktop

Fixed Bugs

CAE-1207 Some sections are missing from Shell elements in LS-Dyna desktop web

More recent models from LS-DYNA sometimes did not report the correct sections for SHELL elements.

CAE-1213 Web: “Clipped” visualization artifacts during model update web

Sometimes the bounding box of the Remote Model would not be correct during an update, leading to temporary (flashing) clipping artifact (front/back clipping planes) for some modes of AutoClip.

New Features

CAE-874 RemoteModel: Big performance improvements with many (>10k) parts desktop web

Big improvements to models with many parts in the RemoteModel. The RemoteModel was designed to handle up to 10k parts, but have now been enhanced in several ways to handle many more parts (>60k). The optimizations will help all models, but be more and more relevant as the number of parts grows.

Main improvements:

  • Optimized the streaming, greatly reducing the data volume for meta data for parts

  • Much faster processing on client side by optimizing part processing and lookup

  • Adjusted logic that triggers redraws in RemoteModel to make redrawing more relaxed in order to increase streaming throughput

  • Added per part early rejection to cutting plane and iso surface computations

  • Server side improvement of processing of many parts.

CAE-1201 VTU: Added control for how the Node Welding should be done desktop web

Added an option to VTU to control how the node welding is done (if enabled). The user can select any field to determine which “part” a node belongs to, and only the nodes from the same “part” will be welded. The default name for this field is “PartID” but this can be changed with the reader setting.

Desktop: ReaderSettingsVtk::setWeldNodesPartFieldName()


model.setReaderOptions("VTK", {

CAE-1222 Added support for specifying a custom legend title in the ConstantRemoteModel web

Added cee.ug.ConstantRemoteModel.setColorLegendTitle() to let the user control the title of a color legend in the ConstantRemoteModel.

CAE-1230 Updated to CEETRON Access 1.7 and ABAQUS 2023 desktop web

Upgraded to the latest version of CEETRON Access. This adds support for ABAQUS 2023 as well as a lot of bug fixes.