Envision 1.8.0

November 8, 2023 - SHA: b1eca36a

web CEETRON Envision for Web desktop CEETRON Envision for Desktop

Fixed Bugs

CAE-1172 Isovolume: dirty visualization when part is hidden desktop web

Fixed bug with isovolumes not being regenerated correctly when set invisible and changing states.

CAE-1241 Parts in remeshed models that are invisible are not properly updated when changing states desktop web

Fixed bug with invisible parts in remeshed models not being properly updated when changing states.

CAE-1173 DataReader: Displacement scale factor not applied desktop web

Fixed bug with displacement scale not being applied for custom readers

CAE-1246 cee::vtfx::close() does not release file handle if close fails desktop

In cee::vtfx::File::close(), the file handle is released even if the file is incomplete or invalid.

CAE-1248 CeeVTFx: Missing methods in C# desktop

Added missing C# wrapper for CeeVTFx classes SetBlock and SetItemGroup.

New Features

CAE-1000 Scalar filtering for cutting planes desktop web

Added setScalarFilteringVisibleRange(int resultId, int minimum, int maximum) to CuttingPlane. The filter allows you to control the visibility of areas on the cutting plane based on scalar values, making areas outside the specified range invisible.

A common use case for this functionality is to restrict the visibility of a cutting plane to a specific isovolume. By configuring the cutting plane filter with the same result id and scalar range as the isovolume, you can ensure that the cutting plane surface is only visible within the isovolume.

../_images/cae1000-1.png ../_images/cae1000-2.png

CAE-6 ImageResource should support transparent images desktop web

Added support for alpha values in ImageResource used to save images to the VTFx file. This means a custom logo saved to VTFx will retain transparency when reopened.

CAE-1226 Add transformationMatrix for RemoteModel(Web) and UnstructGridModel(Desktop) desktop web

Specifying transformation matrices for RemoteModel (on Web) and UnstructGridModel (on Desktop) is now supported. The transformation matrix is set in the ModelSettings class.

CAE-1242 Add VTFx case description for UG web

Added VTFx case description to cee.ug.VTFxCaseInfo