Detailed Description

struct SC_Export_Options

Public Members

bool export_assemblytree = true

If true assembly tree information is exported

bool export_attributes = false

Export user attributes as part of assembly tree

bool export_materials = false

Export materials as part of assembly tree

bool export_matrices = true

Export transform matrices as part of assembly tree

bool export_measurement = true

Export measurement data as part of assembly tree

bool merge_attribute_value_name = true

Merge the name of an attribute with the name of its value.

bool export_physical_properties = true

Compute and export physical properties

int tessellation_quality = 2

Tessellation quality to use for file export. Acceptable values: 0=Extra Low, 1=Low, 2=Medium, 3=High, 4=Extra High. Default: Medium

CompressionStrategy sc_compression_strategy = CompressionStrategy::Default

Compression strategy to use for large mesh and image compression

bool sc_compress_models = false

Deprecated - use sc_create_scz

bool sc_create_scz = false

If true, then generated SC models will be .scz files

bool sc_compress_scz = true

If true, .scz files will be compressed.

bool sc_logging = false

If true, SC will do verbose logging.

bool set_wire_to_black = true

If true, wire edges will be black

bool use_default_color = false

If true, the default color will used when a Pmi doesn’t have any color

Color defaultColor

The default Color

bool export_pmi = true

If true, export PMI

bool export_views = true

If true, export views

ConverterString compute_bounding_boxes = "None"

Allow computing bounding boxes for All Nodes or Leaves Nodes or None. Values: All/Leaves/None. Default: None.

ConverterString prepare_shattered_parts

If this path is set then shattered part level SC models are generated. The parts will be put in the directory specified

ConverterString prepare_shattered_scs_parts

If this path is set then shattered part level SCS files are generated. The parts will be put in the directory specified

ConverterString prepare_shattered_xml

If this path is set then shattered related XML file is generated

ConverterString sc_working_directory

If this path is set then SC will use it for a work space

bool stl_ascii = false

If true then ascii stl files will be exported

int prc_brep_compression = 0

BREP compression level for PRC

bool prc_remove_brep = false

Remove BREP from PRC and PDF Export

bool prc_tessellation_compression = false

Compresses tessellation for PRC and PDF Export

bool generate_LODs = false

Generates low, medium, high LODs per brep body

bool clean_conflicting = true

Clean conflicting output files

int step_format = 2

STEP output format

bool sc_discard_lines = false

If true, original model lines will be removed. Default: False

int sc_discard_normals = -1

If enabled, vertex normals will not be included in SC output. This can greatly reduce memory usage. Acceptable values: -1 (enabled for STL input), 0 (disabled), 1 (enabled)

bool sc_compute_lines = false

If true then triangle edges matching certain criteria will be added to the model as lines. Default: False

bool sc_compute_lines_add_non_adjacent = true

If true, a line will be added for each triangle edge that is not shared by any other adjacent triangle. Default: True

bool sc_compute_lines_split_faces = true

If true and sc_compute_lines is enabled, each face of the mesh may be split into new faces that fit within the added lines. Default: True”

double sc_compute_lines_min_triangle_angle = 50.0

The minimum angle in degrees between two adjacent triangle normals that will trigger a line to be added for the connecting edge. [0,180]. 0 will add every line, 180 will add no lines. Default: 50.0

double sc_compute_lines_max_polyline_angle = 40.0

The maximum angle in degrees between two adjacent lines that will cause the lines to join into a single polyline. [0,180]. 0 will connect no lines, 180 will connect every adjacent line. Default: 40.0”

SC::Store::MemoryDevice *memory_device = nullptr

An optional MemoryDevice used to sandbox IO.

bool export_exchange_ids = false

If true, exchange IDs will be exported for certain model types

int sc_editable = -1

If true, the model will be editable. Currently, only SCZ output is affected. Acceptable values: -1 (disabled for uncompressed SCZ), 0 (disabled), 1 (enabled)