Detailed Description

struct SC_Import_Options

Public Functions

SC_Import_Options() = default

Public Members

bool import_hidden_objects = false

Import hidden objects from CAD File

bool import_pmi = true

Import PMI

bool always_substitute_font = false

Always subtitute font

bool read_geometry = true

Import geometry

bool read_attributes = true

Import attributes

bool read_full_path = false

Import the full path of original name

bool read_wireframes = true

Import wireframes

bool load_all_configurations = false

Load all available configurations in the CAD file

int tessellation_quality = 2

Tessellation Quality

int jt_level_of_detail = 2

JT level of detail. 0 = low, 1 = medium, 2 = high

std::vector<ConverterString> texture_search_directories

Directories to search for textures

ConverterString configuration_to_load

Name of the CAD configuration to import

int drawings_mode = 1

Controls what to import from drawing files. 0 = only 3D, 1 = only drawings, 2 = Both 3D and drawings

int multi_process_assembly_loading = 1


  • Number of processes exchange use to load the data

std::vector<ConverterString> prc_font_directories

List of fonts directories

std::vector<ConverterString> search_directories

List of search directories for external files

ConverterString substitution_font

Name of the font to use to replaced those referenced by the CAD file but which are not present on the system

int revit_physical_properties = 0

Controls what to import from attribute of revit files: 0 = Not computed (default). 1 = Computed during reading process, stored as attributes

bool force_capping = false

Forces capping meshes to be created even if source data contains non-manifold geometry

bool ifc_import_relationships = true

Import IFC relationships

bool ifc_import_openings = false

Import opening element mainly from IFC file

bool import_skip_dwg_links = false

Skip DWG externals when loading a Revit file

ConverterString xml_settings

Path of the HE settings xml file