Defines datatypes associated with the HBaseView class

Type definitions

typedef bool (*HSignalNotifyFunction)(int signal, void *signal_data, void *user_data)

Functional prototype for the signalling notify system in HBaseView.

Param signal

identifier of the signal

Param signal_data

the data associated with this specific signal

Param user_data

any user data that may be associated with this specific signal

typedef void (*HBaseViewEmitMessageFunction)(const char *message, unsigned int length, void *user_data)

This has been deprecated. Functional prototype for the function which emits an MVO message. This is typically used in conjunciton with a HNet session.

Param message

this is the character string which uniquely identifies the message

Param length

this is the byte length of the user_data

Param user_data

the user_data which contains the message


enum HRenderMode

Indicates the rendering mode


enumerator HRenderWireframe

edges/lines only

enumerator HRenderTriangulation

edges and non-lit faces

enumerator HRenderSilhouette

shell/mesh silhouette edges

enumerator HRenderHiddenLine

hidden line removal

enumerator HRenderHiddenLineHOOPS

currently does nothing

enumerator HRenderHiddenLineFast

simulate hidden line (regular hardware z-buffer, with faces set to window background color)

enumerator HRenderFlat

flat shading

enumerator HRenderGouraud

gouraud (smooth) shading

enumerator HRenderGouraudWithEdges

gouraud (smooth) shading with edges turned on

enumerator HRenderPhong

phong shading

enumerator HRenderShaded

indicates shaded rendering; underlying code will use phong if hardware accel is avialable, otherwise gouraud will be used

enumerator HRenderShadedWithLines

same as HReanderShaded but with lines visible

enumerator HRenderWireframeWithSilhouette

wireframe + silhouette

enumerator HRenderShadedWireframe

wireframe, with shaded lines

enumerator HRenderVertices

vertices only

enumerator HRenderShadedVertices

vertices only (shaded)

enumerator HRenderGouraudWithLines

same as HReanderShaded but with lines visible

enumerator HRenderLOD1

clamps to LOD1

enumerator HRenderLOD2

clamps to LOD2

enumerator HRenderBRepHiddenLine

hidden line-ish removal

enumerator HRenderBRepHiddenLineFast

hidden line-ish removal

enumerator HRenderBRepWireframe

brep wireframe

enumerator HRenderGoochShaded

Gooch Shaded.

enumerator HRenderFakeHiddenLine

fake hidden line

enumerator HRenderUnknown
enum ViewMode

Indicates the camera target plane (or iso view)


enumerator HViewNone

none view mode

enumerator HViewXY


enumerator HViewYX


enumerator HViewXZ


enumerator HViewZX


enumerator HViewYZ


enumerator HViewZY


enumerator HViewIso


enumerator HViewIsoFrontRightTop

positive X, positive Y, positive Z (same as HViewISO)

enumerator HViewIsoBackRightTop

negative X, positive Y, positive Z

enumerator HViewIsoBackLeftTop

negative X, positive Y, positive Z

enumerator HViewIsoBackLeftBottom

negative X, positive Y, positive Z

enumerator HViewIsoBackRightBottom

negative X, positive Y, positive Z

enumerator HViewIsoFrontLeftTop

negative X, positive Y, positive Z

enumerator HViewIsoFrontLeftBottom

positive X, positive Y, positive Z (same as HViewISO)

enumerator HViewIsoFrontRightBottom

positive X, positive Y, positive Z (same as HViewISO)

enumerator HViewSEIso

same as HViewIsoXYZ and HViewISO

enumerator HViewSWIso

same as HViewIsoxYZ

enumerator HViewNEIso

same as HViewIsoXYz

enumerator HViewNWIso

same as HViewIsoxYz

enumerator HViewFront
enumerator HViewBack
enumerator HViewRight
enumerator HViewLeft
enumerator HViewTop
enumerator HViewBottom
enumerator HViewUnknown

unknown view mode

enum LightingIntMode

Indicates the lighting interpolation mode


enumerator LightingIntUnknown

unknown mode

enumerator LightingIntGouraud


enumerator LightingIntPhong


enum FramerateMode

Indicates the framerate mode


enumerator FramerateOff

unknown mode

enumerator FramerateFixed


enumerator FramerateTarget


enum ProjMode

Indicates the camera projection mode; refer to HC_Set_Camera for details


enumerator ProjUnknown

unknown mode

enumerator ProjPerspective

Objects which are close to the eye appear large, and objects which are far away appear small.

enumerator ProjOrthographic

The represented size of an object doesn’t depend on how close or far it is—this can be handy in architecture and engineering.

enumerator ProjStretched

In a “stretched” view, an orthographic projection is made, and then the view is “stretched” to fit exactly into the available screen window.

enum HandednessMode

Indicates the handedness mode. Used for polygon handedness and world handedness


enumerator HandednessLeft


enumerator HandednessRight


enumerator HandednessNone

no handedness; only applies to polygon-handedness

enum DisplayListType

Indicates the display list type.


enumerator DisplayListOff

No display lists.

enumerator DisplayListGeometry

Geometry-level display lists.

enumerator DisplayListSegment

Segment-level display lists.

enum MultiThreadingType

Indicates the multi-threading type.


enumerator MultiThreadingOff
enumerator MultiThreadingBasic
enumerator MultiThreadingFull
enum HLRMode

Indicates the default hidden line mode


enumerator AnalyticHiddenLine

Analytic hidden line.

enumerator FastHiddenLine

Fast hidden line.

enumerator FakeHiddenLine

Fake hidden line.

enum AxisMode


enumerator AxisOff


enumerator AxisSimple

Like AxisOn, but without the planes.

enumerator AxisCenter

Like AxisOn, but centered differently.

enumerator AxisOn


enum UpDirection


enumerator UpDirectionX
enumerator UpDirectionY
enumerator UpDirectionZ
enum ViewUpdateMode

Indicates how the scene gets updated.


enumerator OnDemand

This tells the MVO framework not to implicitly perform updates. They will be explicity made by calls to Update().

enumerator Continuous

This tells the MVO framework to implicitly perform continuous updates by polling for posted update events at a regular interval.

enumerator Deferred

This tells the MVO framework to implicitly perform continuous culled, timed updates drawing culled items as time permits.

enum HShadowRenderingMode


enumerator SoftwareShadow

image driver shadow generation

enumerator HardwareShadow

opengl p-buffer shadow generation

enumerator SoftwareOpenglShadow

opengl software shadow generation

enum HBloomShape


enumerator RadialBloom

radial bloom

enumerator StarBloom

star bloom

enum HQuickMovesMethod


enumerator HQuickMoves_None

the driver is unable to quick move at all

enumerator HQuickMoves_XOR

quick-moved geometry was last drawn as XOR (exclusive OR), meaning that colors are often inverted or completely wrong

enumerator HQuickMoves_Overlay

quick-moved geometry was last drawn as overlay, meaning that colors are correct, but that the quick-moved item is always on top

enumerator HQuickMoves_Spriting

quick-moved geometry was last drawn as spriting, color-correct and depth-mixed with the rest of the scene

enum HViewSelectionLevel


enumerator HSelectionLevelEntity

The driver returns geometry objects from selections.

enumerator HSelectionLevelSegment

The driver returns segment objects from selections.

enumerator HSelectionLevelSegmentTree

The driver returns segment trees from selections.

enum SplatSymbol

Indicates the splat symbol type.


enumerator SplatRound


enumerator SplatSquare