Using the Context Menu

In the Part Viewer, you can use context menus to control the visibility and selectability of the geometry in the scene. Positioning the mouse in the view window and pressing the right mouse button invokes a floating menu bar. With this context menu, you can toggle the visibility on/off settings for markers, vertices, edges, lines, faces, lights, grids, text, cutting planes, capping lines, and hidden lines (if appropriate). It also allows you to change the global selection level for the scene to either entity based selection (individual geometry pieces are highlighted) or segment based selection (only segments and their containing entities are highlighted).

Using the context menu, you can also insert a variety HOOPS lights into the scene which can be manipulated via geometry handles (activated by double clicking on the lights or via the context menu options).

Changing the Render Mode

You can also control the render mode for the scene via the context menu. There are 11 different rendering modes provided for viewing models.

  • Wire Frame

  • Shaded With Lines

  • Flat Shaded

  • Smooth Shaded (Gouraud)

  • Smooth Shaded (Phong)

  • True Analytic Hidden Line

  • Silhouette

  • Wireframe Silhouette

  • Shaded Wireframe

  • Vertices

  • Shaded Vertices

Upon startup, the default rendering mode is “Shaded with lines”. Please note that the True Analytic Hidden Line algorithm is computationally intensive and for large models, the calculations may take several seconds. Visibility of hidden lines is controlled by the Visibility option in the context menu.