HOOPS/OOC Programming Guide Introduction

The HOOPS/OOC module is an out-of-core system that processes and renders large amounts of data. This system is designed take as its input ASCII point cloud files. In a multi-stage process, HOOPS/OOC transforms the raw point cloud data into a compressed format and renders it with high visual quality without sacrificing performance.

To begin, a preprocessor loads raw input data, then restructures and compresses that data. The preprocessor creates an OOC file, a special purpose HSF file, as well as a directory of data node files. This processed data can be as small as a third of the size of the original raw input. The resultant OOC file can be loaded and rendered in the HOOPS graphics system.


The HOOPS/OOC workflow.

HOOPS/OOC is supported on Windows platforms. C++ is the only supported language.