HOOPS 3D Part Viewer


The HOOPS 3D Part Viewer is an Windows MFC application built on top of the HOOPS/3dGS and HOOPS/MVO components of the HOOPS 3D Application Framework (HOOPS/3DAF).

The application source code is located in the [HOOPS install dir]/demo/mfc/hoopspartviewer directory, while the executable, called hoops3dpartviewer.exe is located in the /bin directory.

The Part Viewer enables the user to invoke the HOOPS/MVO operators to manipulate the application in the following ways:

  • Read HOOPS Stream Files (hsf), HOOPS Metafiles (hmf), Standard Lithography (stl) files, and OBJ files.

  • Create simple geometry (cones, spheres, cylinders and cutting planes).

  • Create selection sets of entities.

  • Annotate objects.

  • Switch between render modes.

  • Switch between different camera manipulation operators.

  • Query the geometry in the scene.

  • Print, print preview, and copy to clipboard.

  • Real-time, simultaneous collaboration between multiple users.

  • Playback of HSF Animation.

The application is intended to function as a demonstration of the integration of HOOPS with MFC, to showcase of all the functionality available in the HOOPS/MVO class library and, most importantly, to serve as a reference architecture from which developers can extend their own code. As such, the set of operators that were implemented in the application were chosen for their usefulness in demonstrating how to implement many operations common to 3D modeling applications. Application developers may take the Part Viewer and easily customize and extend its functionality by creating new HOOPS/MVO-derived Operator classes.

For more information about the architecture of the Part Viewer, refer to the section on Building Applications.