Type definitions




Type definitions

typedef DefaultBSPNodeItemContainer<PCPoint*> PCPointContainer


enum PointCloudFileType

The HIOUtilityPointCloud class is used for loading point cloud data into HOOPS. This class is designed for in-core usage, i.e., the point set must be small enough to fit in memory. The reading happens in three passes:

  • The first pass obtains an accurate bounding box for the point cloud and generates a (temporary) binary version of the file to facilitate quicker processing in the subsequent pass.

  • The second pass reads the binary version of the point cloud, and sorts the points in an octree structure. It generates shells of a user-specified size (see the HPointCloudOptions class) and stores these in a (temporary) HSF-like binary file to ultimately be read into the scene graph.

  • The third pass reads the stored shells generated from the previous step and inserts HOOPS shells into the scene graph.

Note: The temporary files will be removed by the reader when it no longer needs them. However, the size of these files will be relative to the size of the original point cloud - so one will need to have the necessary disk space accomodate these files (albeit temporarily) when importing.


enumerator NONE
enumerator UNKNOWN
enumerator PTS
enumerator PTX
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