class HPS::ComponentHighlightEvent : public HPS::Event

The ComponentHighlightEvent class is the event that will be triggered for each highlight or unhighlight call.

Public Types

enum Action


enumerator None
enumerator Highlight
enumerator Unhighlight

Public Functions

inline virtual Event *Clone() const override

Allocates and returns a copy of this ComponentHighlightEvent.


A copy of this ComponentHighlightEvent.

inline ComponentHighlightEvent()

The default constructor creates an empty ComponentHighlightEvent object.

inline ComponentHighlightEvent(Action in_action, HPS::Canvas const &in_canvas, size_t in_layer = 0, ComponentPath const &in_path = ComponentPath(), HighlightOptionsKit const &in_options = HighlightOptionsKit())
inline ComponentHighlightEvent(Event const &in_event)

This constructor converts an Event Object to a ComponentHighlightEvent object.


in_event – The Event Object to be converted.

virtual ~ComponentHighlightEvent()

Public Members

Action action
HPS::Canvas canvas
size_t layer
HighlightOptionsKit options
ComponentPath path